Frequently Asked Questions For Football

   Q. Can I register in person?
   A. No. Each participant must register online through our Sportabase system.

   Q. Do I have to pay online with a credit card?
   A. No. You WILL pay your registration and fundraiser money at the time equipment is issued.

   Q. Do I have to do the fundraiser?
   A. No. You may opt to buy-out and pay the $75 fee (in addition to the registration cost).

   Q. What is a combine? Does my child have to do that?
   A. The combine is where the newly registered boys show off their skills to the coaches. Your child does have to attend in order for his name to be included in the draft. Returning players already on a team do not have to attend.

   Q. What is a draft? Does my child need to be there?
   A. The draft is held in order to fairly place all new players on a team. Coaches only attend the draft. You will be notified by the coach shortly after the draft.

   Q. Can I get my child’s pads for pads camp without a physical?
   A. NO!  No Equipment will be issued without properly completed forms, money, and a physical.

   Q. How do I know when it is time for my son’s team to check out equipment?
   A. Equipment checkout is scheduled by grade. Download the activity dates on the Forms page for specific dates & times.

   Q. What equipment does CYFA provide for the players?
   A. CYFA provides shoulder pads, helmet, game pants, reversible game jersey, and mouthpiece. The player is responsible for practice pants, practice jersey, and cleats.

   Q. When and where will the games be played?
   A. You will have minimum of 4 home games and 5 away.

   Q. What does MM stand for?
    A. MM stands for Mighty Mite. Mighty Mites are broken into two age groups: 1st grade and 2nd grade.

   Q. What if I still have questions?
    A. Send email to: info@claremoreyouthfootball.org or call 918-283-CYFA.