CYFA Annual Team Program


Fundraiser Form for Program Ads and Shout-Outs

 Fundraiser Contributor’s Receipt

Every year CYFA publishes a Program with team and squad photos, actions shots, shoutouts and sponsors.

This program reaches nearly 400 families.

This year’s fundraiser is to sell business ads or shout outs for the CYFA Program.

Business Ad Prices:

Sell just one ad of any size to meet your fundraiser obligation.

Business Card Size Ad – $75                          1/4 Page Ad – $150

     1/2 Page Ad – $200                                     Full Page Ad – $300

Shout Out Prices:

$75 Per Shoutout with or without picture or graphic (same size as business card ad)

Note: Any money raised beyond the required $75 fundraiser can be applied to the cost of registration.

ALL Artwork & Pictures Are Due BY AUGUST 1st